Welcome to Pine Springs Golden Retrievers

Welcome to Pine Springs Golden Retrievers.  We are a natural rearing breeder and go to great lengths to ensure that our dogs are raised on a species appropriate diet, minimal exposure from vaccines, and other chemicals and are maintained in optimum health with forward thinking veterinary care.  All of our breeding stock are cleared for genetic problems including, hips, eyes, heart and thyroid.  We pay attention to temperament, longevity and health being sure to choose only those dogs that meet our high standards for our breeding program.
We are dog trainers by profession and therefore have developed an extensive protocol for raising our puppies to ensure that they develop to their full potential.  We consider the dogs we live with and produce to be among the elite in the dog world.  Our Goldens are intelligent, sweet, funny, athletic and energetic without being over the top. We like a dog that can go out and hike for 3 hours and come home and lay at our feet.  We like a dog that can compete in any venue, agility, obedience and field but be content to be by our side as well.  We do not breed dogs for specific sports or colors. You will see from our family of dogs that we have a rainbow of colors from deep red to cream.  Color is our last consideration when we are choosing a dog for breeding.
We have dabbled in many dog sports but value the companionship of our dogs over all else.  We believe it is important to have a dog that is easy to live with, does not have a high exercise requirement or need a job to do in order to be easy to live with.  We enjoy competing with our dogs but prefer to walk in the woods or on the beach enjoying watching them just be dogs.  We are of the philosophy that a dog’s most important job is to be a companion to their family and we have this at the foremost of our mind when we are making breeding decisions.

Our puppies are raised in our home in our kitchen where they will take part in family life and be members of our household for the 9 wks that they are with us.  Raising a litter is a family effort and each member takes part in caring for and loving the puppies that are born here. We raise our puppies with extensive socialization experiences including beginning housebreaking, crate introduction, car rides, bathing, nail trimming and grooming, field trips and puppy parties.

We put a lot of effort into finding the right homes for our puppies and are extremely fussy about our placements.  We feel that our Goldens are unique individuals that have been raised with a lot of time, effort and love and we seek families who will continue to raise their companions with the desire to seek out best practices in diet, health and positive training.   We believe that training and structure are at the heart of developing a great relationship with your new puppy and we want our puppy families to be successful at accomplishing this. We also believe in lifetime support and education for our puppy families and stay in touch and offer support for anything that comes up.  We love to teach and can offer guidance and resources for diet (we prefer and recommend a prey model diet), forward thinking veterinary care (minimal to no vaccines and no pesticide application of flea and tick insecticide)  and training (we recommend clicker training classes).

Thank you for visiting our site and furthering your education into the raising of this wonderful breed. If you are interested in acquiring a puppy please fill out a puppy application and forward it to us via email.