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Making good choices about what we feed our dogs is essential to their longevity and sustained good health. The puppies have been raised on a raw food diet. The very best way to insure their good health is to keep them on it. Dry dog food and other processed foods lose much of their nutritional value during the cooking process. Processed food cannot be less than 47% grain and is often as much as 80%. Dogs do not do well eating carbohydrates since their systems are geared toward a meat and bone based diet. Their digestive systems were designed to eat whole raw food, not processed mostly grain based food. Most protein sources in dog food are not even meat based. If you read the side of the bag most commercial foods’ protein source is non-meat, usually corn or soy. In the lesser quality foods if meat is used as the protein source it is often a meat by-product instead of a whole meat source. The smaller the fraction, by-product vs. whole meat the less the nutrition is available.

The puppies are 5th generation raw fed. We are looking for homes that will keep them on a 100% raw, whole food diet. This will require some reading and research to correctly execute a homemade diet. The best books available on raw feeding are : Give Your Dog A Bone by Ian Bilinghurst and Ultimate Diet: Natural Nutrition For Dogs And Cats by Kymythy Schultze and Raw Meaty Bones by Tom Lonsdale.
These are the easiest and most straightforward to read.

When feeding a raw food diet you can either make it yourself or purchase it frozen from several different sources. In the last few years several manufacturers have come up with complete raw food diets that are available commercially. They are simple and convenient to feed with a great nutritional advantage over processed dog food. These choices are for busy people who want to feed a higher quality diet but don’t have the time to make it themselves.

Bravo Raw Diet Pet Foods (860)693-0632. Click on the store locater to find a store near you. I use Bravo myself and either order it online or Gemini Dog. Gemini is a dog training facility in Littleton, Massachusetts which gets monthly shipments that can be ordered online and picked up directly at their training center.

Other sources: Oma’s Pride Raw Food (800)678-6627. Go to the store locator to find a source near you.

Your Pet’s Butcher, which is a raw food supplier run by my husband Paul Bielakiewicz. Twice monthly “meat meets” offered at our training center located in Malden, Ma. To place an order

How Much Do I Feed My Puppy ?
From now until your puppy turns 5 months old feed your puppy three times per day. After that your puppy should eat twice a day for his lifetime.

Amounts: Do NOT Overfeed Your Puppy ! Golden Retrievers will literally eat themselves to death ! Puppies especially will tend to eat everything you put in front of them whether they need it or not. It is important to measure out or weigh the food you feed. Keep tract of your dog’s growth and how fit he is. If he seems to be gaining too much cut back on what you are feeding, if he seems too lean increase what you are feeding by 1/4 cup and evaluate your dog in a month. Right now the puppies are eating 3/4 to 1 lb of raw food per day split into three meals.

What About Treats ?
Treats: Treats should be used for training and should be cut in very small pieces. If you have a big training session (like puppy class) you should skip your puppy’s evening meal. Avoid giving dog cookies as treats as they are very caloric. Think of dog cookies as equivalent to eating a snack size candy bar. They should be a rare treat!

How Can I Tell If My Puppy Is the Right Weight ?
Checking weight : Ribs should be easily felt without probing but not seen. When looking down at your puppy’s back, you should see a waist below the ribcage (it should indent).

Keep your puppy lean throughout it’s life. The leaner your puppy is especially during it’s growth stages the healthier it will be and less chance it will have for growth problems. Remember that even dogs with less than ideal conformation or borderline hip dysplasia can live their whole lives without ever showing a sign they have a problem if they remain lean and fit. However, even dogs with fantastic conformation and perfect hips and joint conformation can breakdown and develop problems if they are allowed to carry more weight than they should. Be smart and give your puppy a great start in life by making sure that his weight stays in the ideal range !!

Feeding Information and Resources — Books
Give Your Dog A Bone by Ian Bilinghurst
Grow Your Pups With Bones by Ian Bilinghurst
The BARF Diet by Ian Bilinghurst
Ultimate Diet: Natural Nutrition For Dogs And Cats by Kymythy Schultze

Raw Meaty Bones by Tom Lonsdale

Feeding Information and Resources — Websites
Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (Ian Bilinghurst)
Bravo! Raw Food
Oma’s Pride Raw Food

Your Pet’s Butcher,

Feeding Information and Resources — Food/supplements
Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (Ian Bilinghurst)
Bravo! Raw Food
Oma’s Pride Raw Food

The Honest Kitchen (dehydrated raw pet food products)
Nupro(micronutrient supplement)

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