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Pine Springs Golden Retrievers

Wakefield, Ma 01880


Potential Puppy Buyer Application



City : ________________   State:___________ Zip Code;______________

Home Phone:___________________ Work:_________________________

Email :________________________ Occupation:_____________________

Number of people in household and ages: ___________________________



Is anyone in your household or immediate family allergic to dogs or have asthma ?

Do the other members of your family want a Golden puppy as much as you do ?  Do they have any special needs, requirements, aversions ?

How many dogs have you owned before ?  What breed ? What happened to them ?

What type pets do you currently own/ ages/ sexes ? Have they lived with a dog before ?  Do they have any behavior problems ? Please describe.

Do you live in a house, apartment, condo ?  (If you live in an apartment or condo you must provide proof that you can own a dog)

Do you live in a rural, urban or suburban neighborhood ?  Do you have a yard ?  If so, how large is it and is it fenced ?

Why do you want a Golden Retriever ?  What qualities do you admire in this breed ?

Sex of puppy preferred : _____male,____ female  ____ flexible

Do you work: ____ full- time or ___ part time ?  How many hours are you out of the house during the day ?

If you are gone more than 4 hours at a time who will care for your puppy ?

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle.  Are you active, sedate, on the move all the time or a homebody ?  Describe your hobbies, activities, the kind of work you do.  Give me as many details as you can to help me match the best pup to your personality.

Are you interested in getting involved or competing in dog sports with your Golden ?

What are your specific interests : ______therapy work ___agility, _____obedience _____ conformation ____hunting  _____other.

Have you taken previous dogs to training classes before: ___yes ___ no

If so, what style of training did you use,: ___food ___clicker ___choke chain

Where did you take your classes and how many did you take ?

How often do you travel for business or pleasure ?

Who will take care of your puppy while you are away ?

Are you planning a trip in the next 6 mths ?  If so how long will you be gone and who will be taking care of your puppy ?

Are you familiar with crate training and are you willing to use it on a regular basis for the first two years of your puppy’s life ?

Where will your puppy stay during the day ?

Where will your puppy stay at night ?

What areas of your house will be off limits ?  Will this be a temporary thing (until puppy is mature and not destructive) or are their areas of your home that your dog will not be allowed.

Tell us a bit about your expectations of your new puppy.  What traits do you find the most desirable ?  Least desirable ?

Are you willing to learn about feeding a raw food diet and a modified vaccination schedule ?

Are you willing to allow your puppy to reach the age of two or older before spaying or neutering so they can reach full skeletal maturity  ?  Are you aware of the health benefits  of keeping your pet intact ?

How many hours per day are you willing to spare/spend to train and socialize your pup : 10-15 min ______  30-45 min:______  1 hour: ____  as much as needed :_________

Are you willing to travel to find the right training class with kind non-forceful methods ?  What is a reasonable distance for you to travel and how many

classes are you expecting to take with your puppy/adolescent dog?

Do you currently have a vet ? If so whom do you use?

Do you know what homeopathy is ?

Would you consider alternative healthcare methods( chiropractic, holistic care, homeopathy )as away to keep your pet as healthy as possible?

Do you or any other family member take advantage of alternative healthcare ?

Do you have a fenced in yard or will you provide one for your new puppy?

We ask our puppy owners to feed a diet consisting of fresh foods , not a  kibble based diet. We understand this can seem overwhelming to those who are new to such a task , therefore  we offer support and education is such areas if you are not sure what a species appropriate diet is . We also offer private consults if you feel you need more guidance .

Do you know about a species appropriate diet or  have you ever fed your pets this diet?

If your pets are fed a kibble diet , what brand?

Would you like to learn more about it for the health of your new puppy and would you consider continuing the raw diet?

Do you know about the vaccination dangers in puppies and dogs?

Are you willing to research this area of care ? We have some great e-books and articles we can recommend.

What are your personal views on vaccines?

Would you find a vet to support the raw diet and minimal vaccination protocol for the health of your puppy?

Do you know what a “titer test ” is ?.

How will you socialize your puppy to other dogs and people ? Please describe at least 10 places you will take your puppy.

1___________                        6__________

2___________                        7__________

3___________                        8_________

4___________                        9__________

5___________                        10_________

Are you planning on using a dog daycare service ?  If not, how will you socialize your puppy to other dogs and puppies ?  Be specific.

Who will be responsible for the care/training/ socialization of your puppy. Please describe how each member of your household will be involved.

List any books about puppies or Golden Retrievers that you have read and enjoyed.

Thank you for inquiring about our breeding program.  We will review your application and be in touch by phone to chat with you further about our breeding program and to determine  if we have a puppy that matches your expectations and experience level.  We can be reached through email : or phone 781-324-3722 (our business line) if you have any questions.

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