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Did you know that vaccines do not immunize they sensitize ? Did you know that your dog has natural immunity to most everything that can be offered as a vaccine and by giving multiple combination vaccines over his lifetime you are shortening his lifespan and quality of life ?

None of us set out to harm our pets and yet without educating ourselves about how to optimize that health we will in effect be putting our beloved companions in jeopardy. Don’t take my word for it, educate yourself on the latest thinking on vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies push the current vaccine protocols we have lived with for decades and most veterinarians just follow the trend, trusting that there is science behind the recommendations and suggested frequency.  Remember when there is a lot of revenue at stake there is no reason for the big companies to change. Here are some links to forward thinking veterinarians websites who have begun to think for themselves and realize that too much of a good thing is harming our pets.  Don’t be a sheep !  Educate yourself before you make health decisions that could effect the health and longevity of your best friend.

Here are some links to get you started :  Dr Jeff Levy, Willimasburg, Mass

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