What do we look for in a home for one of our pups ?

in Pine Springs Puppy Information

We are a natural rearing breeder which means that we feed a raw diet and minimize vaccine exposure and avoid all chemicals for our dogs. We believe that this gives our puppies the best chance to grow up to be healthy adults with a lower then average cancer rate, no allergies, ear infections or skin issues and wonderful, stable outgoing temperaments, with moderate energy levels and ease of trainability.

Not everyone is willing to feed a raw diet or minimize vaccine and chemical exposure and we understand this can be a big step that some folks are just not ready for, so we like to be upfront about what we are looking for in a perfect home for one of our pups.

Feel free to get back to me with any questions you might have or if you’d like more resources to follow up on diet and vaccine choices I am happy to forward them to you.

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