Sunfire Sudden Impact “Rush”

Sunfire Sudden Impact  “Rush”
Date of Birth : July 10, 2007
Sex:  Male
Color: Red

Breeder : Barbara Biewer, Demi Osborne
Rush is the smallest of our dogs standing 22” at the shoulder and weiging 65 lbs.  He is a a lot of dog in a small package !  He has nice balance front and rear though his rear is slightly more angulated than his front.  He has a nice level topline, and short loin with nice compact feet and correct tail carriage.  His head is beautiful especially for a field dog with correct ear set, dark brown eyes and full dentition.
Rush has an enthusiasm and zest for life that make people fall in love with him instantly.
He is smart, athletic and fun to train. He will work until you are done and will approach each training session with enthusiasm and eagerness always ready for more but not pushy about it.  He is a natural problem solver, a terrific swimmer and a tireless retriever.  Of all his traits I think his sweet affectionate nature is by far his best. Many have told me that they wish their significant other would look at them with the adoration that Rush does  He has never met a person he didn’t like instantly.

Rush is maturing into a gentleman with good self control and manners. He is a  joy to have around the house no matter how much or how little exercise he gets.

His coat is moderate and a rich red color with lighter blond highlights which make him glow in the right light. We tease him at times that he is just too pretty !
Rush has jet black pigment and dark brown eyes.  Rush’s pedigree is a nice blend of titled conformation dogs, field dogs and dogs that have received the highest obedience and field awards including multiple OTCH and field titles.