Pine Springs Second Wind “Bode”

Pine Springs Second Wind “Bode”
Date of Birth : November 16, 2005
Sex : Male
Color : Medium Gold

Bode is the largest of our boys standing 24” at the shoulder and weighing 75 lbs.  He has lots of bone and a well muscled, athletic body.  Bode is nicely balanced front and rear with decent angulation and beautiful movement .  He has a level topline, compact feet, and correct tail set.  Due to a severe reaction to his Rabies vaccination at 6mths of age Bode is missing the muscles in his head and jaw and so his head though structurally very nice with correct ear set does not have the full beautiful muscle you would expect.  Despite this he is still a beautiful boy.  He has correct ear set, with dark brown eyes and full dentition.
Bode is a clown and the playful jokester in our house.  He is always doing something to make us laugh and can often be found with a shoe in his mouth…preferring to carry it around rather than chew on it.  He is a very athletic and powerful dog with great reach and drive, a beautiful dog to watch chasing after the other dogs or his Frisbee.
Bode is a peacekeeper and puppy lover, ever the diplomat and playmate to many a young inexperienced dog.

Bode has been treated with homeopathy and has made a full recovery from his illness, he is fully functional now  and shows no ill effects of his brush with death except the muscle atropy in his head and jaw.